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Famous Jaipuri Kantha Quilt

Why Jaipuri Kantha Quilt is Famous Worldwide?

Kantha Quilt is one of the unique traditional arts of Jaipur, Rajasthan - India. It is a beautiful work of art, a magnificent hand-stitched Jaipuri Kantha quilts are very famous and popular around the world. Handmade Kantha Quilts are widely demanded by the clients for their beautiful appearance and designs. The elegant and beautiful Kantha/Kantha quilts are handcrafted specially by women from rural areas of Rajasthan. It is also made by certain tribes who make these amazing products to keep their traditions going. Hand-stitched Kantha product is one of a kind and unique thing.

The two layers Kantha quilts are multipurpose in use and available in vibrant colors in Jaipur. Exquisite combinations of thousand of stitches make the piece absolutely stunning. To see this kind of traditional art, everyone will be mesmerized. The soft-touch of the Kantha quilt feels a new experience and a comfortable feel. The two-layer quilt is very light in weight. It is available in two standard sizes (60×90) and (90×108) but you can also order as per your sizes.

The Kantha is hand-made, a few "imperfections" are part of its characteristics. On the backside with contrast stitching, thereby artisans have tied small knots and initiate a new string, which makes the piece unique in itself. Women in India typically use old saris and cloth and layer them with Kantha stitch to make a light blanket, throw, or bedspread, especially for tradition. Kantha is very popular with tourists and is similar to the decorative running stitch of Japanese sashiko quilting. Kantha originated from the way in which Bengali housewives mended old clothes by taking out a strand of thread from the colorful border of their saris and making simple designs with them.

Kantha and Kantha quilt piece is of art is completely hand stitched by artisan in Jaipur. The fabric used for Kantha is hand block printed fabric. Kantha quilt has one special characteristic; the Kantha quilt can be used on both sides as it is reversible. It can be even used as a blanket or quilt in summers instead of heavy hot and heavy duvets. Kantha Quilts are made using supreme quality fabric and can be made for both; single bed and double bed.

Jaipuri Kantha/Kantha quilt is one of Jaipur’s adorable products that are famous all over the world for its fine craftsmanship, traditional feel, and other indelible traits. It can be also made in three layers and that is also light in weight. Jaipuri quilts are available in 100% cotton and with hand block printing. It is printed with a carved wooden block and a prominent border design on all four sides. The quilt is hand stuffed with cotton and lasts for years. It is multipurpose in use and available in vibrant colors. These good looking, fluffy, hand-made Indian quilts are a specialty of Jaipur.

If you are planning to visit Jaipur, please do not forget to buy the world-famous Jaipuri Kantha quilts. It is available on every corner of the street. Now you can sleep in style with the world-famous Jaipuri pure cotton quilt in traditional Sanganeri hand block print of Rajasthan. It will be a totally different experience for you. Visit valintino textiles to buy different types of kantha quilts in many colors and designs.